How to Talk Dirty to Your Husband For Beginners

How to talk dirty to my husband? Imagine…your husband asked you of the blue one day – he wants some fun and wants you to talk dirty to me. You’d love to say something to make him happy but you always get the feeling of embarrassment and at a loss over what to say to him.

Many women feel the same way when it comes to verbal display of affection. It is not hard at all. Start simple by saying something your husband loves to hear can already make things more fun and exciting.

You need to be comfortable with yourself first. Start by telling him what you feel about him or things he loves to hear, be genuine about it. If he makes you feel good, tell him that. If he makes you feel sexy and hot, tell him that.  It will get easier after some time and you will be surprised how easily you can turn him on.
A little talk dirty spices things up. Men want to hear their women saying word of appreciation because it means a lot to them. It takes some imagination and creativity to have fun together. Should you be embarrassed? He is your husband after all.

Use words, moans or body language to express yourself. You should not dive in to say the dirtiest thing instead to piss him off. For starters, you can start simple by whispering sweet nothings to his ears while in bed. 

So make your husband feel good by learning how to talk dirty to him!

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